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Preserving Knowledge, Jumpstarting Civilization, and Multiplanetary Species

Juan Benet
Protocol Labs

Juan Benet started multiple highly influential projects in the crypto world, like IPFS and Filecoin. He started his company Protocol Labs to build out further technologies to aid the preservation, spread, and usage of information.

In this episode, we talked about the grand ideas behind the technologies Juan and his network have been building over the past decade. Some of the questions we discussed included: How do you store information over long periods of time, like really long as in 10s of thousands, or even millions of years? How much information do we need in which format in order to be able to jumpstart civilization after a collapse? And how can we transfer information in a multi-planetary society?

Lastly, we also learned how many hours of sleep Juan needs and, importantly, he told us – without missing a beat – what his spirit animal is.

This podcast is a follow-up conversation to Juan's Future of Science Seminar. You can watch the recording here.